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5 Secrets Consumers Don't Want You To Know

Although they may not show it, consumers have something to hide. Since success at a trade show depends not only on your products and employees, but what the consumer is hiding from you, understanding these secrets is vital. While not everyone is the same, most share the same secrets. Understand these secrets will help you to have a more productive trade show exhibit.

First Secret:
The consumers are very impatient as they have been sent to a new place that they would like to explore. They don't want to spend their whole time listening to long sales pitches when they could be playing golf or be at the beach. What this means for you is that you have to understand the customers' needs, wants and expectations. Keep the sales pitch simple and focus on fulfilling the needs of the consumer. Additional incentives will help close the deal.

Second Secret:
If a customer has to jump through a lot of hoops (i.e. fill out paperwork and questionnaires to get a cheaper price) they would rather go somewhere else and pay a higher price rather than put in the effort. Offer a convenient, user-friendly product that doesn't require a lot of paperwork so that buyers won't be tempted to pay more elsewhere because buying yours requires too much work.

Third Secret:
Most customers perceive themselves as extra special. When making a deal, throw in extra incentives exclusively for trade show buyers. This makes them feel specially recognized and will push them to buy your product. It helps this process to start before the show even starts by sending out an email or card telling them of the deals you will be offering at the show.

Fourth Secret:
Customers hate doing the math for themselves. When offering discounts, rebates, or other promotions, have a price sheet ready for the customer to see the total amount saved when buying your product. Keep the promotions simple and clear to the customer, rather than confusing and complicated.

Fifth Secret:
Customers will forget that there is a deadline to buy products. You and your employees need to remind them as often as possible of the deadlines. Also, in your follow up after the show, place a reminder of the deadline in your correspondence. Reminding consumers of the deadline will help boost your sales.

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