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The Key To Great Graphics - Why Less Is More

Your exhibit booth needs to communicate to the consumers who you are, what you do, and what your product or service is in two to three seconds maximum. Billboards on the highway also have the same job, so the task is not impossible. The key to portraying the message is your graphic design. Graphics are able to give a whole lot of impressions in a single glance. Your booth should be quick and to the point. The consumers at trade shows walk down the rows looking at the hundreds of booths and need to be pulled in quickly so they will walk over to your booth.

In order for your booth's graphics to be most effective, use these tips:
  • Focus on the benefits of your product or service.
  • Make your booth look more like a billboard rather than a brochure. Use as little text as possible.
  • Have a single focal point in your booth that describes the fundamental nature of your business. Everything in your booth should revolve around that point.
  • Your company's name should appear in a prominent place in the booth so that you can build and maintain your impressions.
The current trend in booth graphic design consists of sizeable backdrops with only an image and brief text statements. An example of this would be a company that manufactures scissors or chain saws that uses a large picture of their product as a backdrop. This message is immediately known to the consumers as opposed to a booth that has used three or small pictures with small test writing next to them which requires that you be one to two feet in front of them to read.

If you are a company that provides a service rather than a product, this might be difficult. You can generally come up with a suitable image that will convey to the consumers what your service is if you think carefully about it.
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