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Maximizing Sales Leads

Since lead generation is a primary focus and because sales people depend upon this information to make sales for your company, here are some tips to maximize your leads:

Send out preshow promotions a couple of weeks before the show. This type of promotion has been shown to boost your leads by almost 35%.

Make sure the staff knows to reinforce the benefits of the product used in the promotion before the show.
  1. Start with half a minute's worth of open-ended questions.
  2. In the first couple of minutes, determine what to present to the client.
  3. Present a short (under ten minute) program.
  4. In 60 seconds, fill out the lead information, agree on the next step, and move on.
  5. If you have a lead machine on location, write directly on the forms.
Open-ended questions you could ask start with who, what, when, where, how, and describe or tell me. As always, quick follow up is important to turn leads into sales.
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