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Trade shows are one of the most effective ways of promoting your business and getting your products in front of customers. Recents studies indicate that over 90% of tradeshow attendees use tradeshows to gather purchasing information and nearly 50% of trade show attendees actually purchase a product while attending a trade show.

However, trade shows are most effective when you know what you're doing. This section of the tradeshowhandbook.com website provides useful guides, tutorials and educational resources designed to help you maximize your trade show investment. We'll help you decide which trade shows are best for your company, how to budget for trade shows, how to design the perfect trade show booth and much, much more. To get started simply make your selection from the list of topics below.
1. Why Participate in Tradeshows?
2. Selecting a Tradeshow
3. Learn How to Design A Tradeshow Booth
4. Why Less is More! - The Key to Great Graphics
5. Trade Show Booths - Things To Keep In Mind
6. How Much Do Trade Shows Cost?
7. Employing Tradeshow Giveaways
8. Vertical and Horizontal Trade Shows
9. Trade Show Strategies
10. Getting Press Attention
11. Maximizing Sales Leads
12. Rules for Exhibition
13. 9 Tips for Great Trade Show Management
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Why Participate in Tradeshows?
Selecting a Tradeshow
Designing a Tradeshow Booth
Why Less is More!
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